About Basten

BASTEN is a functional environmental protection material brand under Shenzhen Kmina New Materials Co., Ltd. Advocate the application and promotion of green and environmentally friendly high-performance materials to make the sky bluer and the water greener. Products mainly include silicone leather, solvent-free synthetic leather, solvent-free microfiber, etc., mainly used in outdoor leisure, medical and health, automotive interior, yacht cruise, hotel engineering, public facilities and other fields. Adhering to green environmental protection materials, strictly controlling product quality, and always keeping pace with the times make "Basten" environmentally friendly leather become the industry's leading green environmental protection healthy functional leather fabric brand.

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Through years of efforts, Basten has become an industry pioneer of functional environmental protection materials, with a series of mature teams such as molecular material research and development, formula design, production customization, etc., to achieve a one-stop service system for functional materials; At present, the production plant has 14,000 square meters, 6 production lines, the main products silicone leather, solvent-free, etc. occupy an important share of China's medical market, and partners include Siemens, Mindray, Lepu Medtronic and other well-known enterprises. It has established technical research alliances with many domestic universities and research institutions to jointly explore new technologies and materials.

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Corporate Vision: to become the global leader in functional and environmentally friendly leather

Brand Concept: provide professional functional environmentally friendly leather integrated solutions and services, creating greater value
for each customer

Business Philosophy: integrity, focus and rigor

Production Concept: craftsmanship and excellence

Management Philosophy: respect, trust and cooperation

Service Concept: credit-based, customer first, pragmatic and innovative, efficient and win-win

Quality Concept: quality is the first competitiveness, quality is the cornerstone of reputation, quality is the life of the enterprise