Focus on healthy and environmentally friendly leather fabrics


Silicone Leather

——Professional anti fouling coating

——Resistant to disinfection and sterilization

——Salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance

——High and low temperature resistance

——Low VOCs emissions

——Good wear resistance

——Can be achieved through biocompatibility

——Long service life

Solvent-free Leather

——No DMF, no formaldehyde, no ortho benzene chemical reagents

——No Toxic heavy metal.

——The surface wear resistance can reach 150000 Martindale wear  tests

——Good hand feel


——No VOCs released


BASTEN is a functional and environmentally friendly material brand under Shenzhen Kmina New Materials Co., Ltd. Advocate the application and promotion of high-performance materials that are green and environmentally friendly, making the sky bluer and the water greener. The products mainly include organic silicon leather, solvent-free synthetic leather, solvent-free microfiber, etc. Adhering to green and environmentally friendly materials, strictly controlling product quality, and always keeping up with the times has made "Basten" environmentally friendly leather a leading brand of green, environmentally friendly, and healthy functional leather fabrics in the industry.

Product Features